Monday, May 3, 2010

Sunday downtown ride...

The Hemi was in Utah this Sunday, so it was up to the other Dave H to plan the route. He led us to the Stone Arch bridge, which is normal, but from there took us on some trails that I hadn't ridden for a couple years. I'd never been on the new Greenway trail, which cuts through downtown. We also went around Lakes Calhoun and Harriet. From there it was on to Kenwood, and we climbed Mt. Curve Blvd twice. Very steep and nasty. We picked up another trail and went by Target Field. The Twins weren't playing, but we were!
It was a great day for a ride and lots of fun!

Bob, Danny, Dave, CJ, Ross, FWK (photo by Jorge)

Jorge, Bob, Danny, Dave, CJ, Ross (photo by FWK)

Dave and Bob in their new Peace Coffee kits.

Jorge, the cameraman.

The bikes and Bob at Dunn's on Washington Ave.