Thursday, December 27, 2007

XC in EC

24 degrees, fresh snow on the ground, and I'm feeling fatter then a Christmas goose. What to do? Drag out the waxless wonder classic skis! After all, this is fair weather skiing, right up my alley. Called Bob, he said he was heading out too. What a winter wonderland. To have a park like Elm Creek (EC) one mile away is pretty incredible. The use we get out of the park in remarkable. 18 miles of paved trails for road riding when the weather is questionable or time is a factor. Not sure how many miles of mtb trails are in there, lots of new stuff, as mentioned here previously. The XC trails are fabulous. Plenty of long distance training trails and of course there is the lighted trail for early and late skiers. The pics above were taken 12/27. I wasn't smart enough to bring a camera on 12/26 when the fresh snow on all the trees was so beautiful. Only in the low lying areas did the snow remain today in the trees. I had two great days and plan on going out again tomorrow. It feels good to get some different muscles sore! Spinning has been good, but you can't beat being out in the fresh air. The sign in the photo above is a biking sign. Even on skis, we can be reminded of all the times we've ridden there in the summer.

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