Sunday, November 23, 2008

2008 = 3,532 miles

Just after I had put all my cold weather bike duds away, due to November being unusually cold, windy, and downright inhospitable,we get a 40 degree day with no wind. Of course, I promised my child bride this was the day I would put up the Christmas lights. Some promises you have to keep for peace in the family. I was a little more irritable due to my mistaken belief that I was only 11 miles short of 3500 miles for the year. Anyway, at 3:00 I got out my clothes and bike and off I went, to get those elusive 11 miles. My thinking was to do a lap in the park, about 15 miles and be done. I had forgotten that this was the weekend of the deer hunt, and there were barriers at several points. So, I just rode Territorial out to 81 and came back, 13 miles. Last September, I did a rough count of my miles from my daily log book, and there was a chance I could pedal 4000; but only if November was mild. Obviously it wasn't. I totaled up all the miles after I got home tonight and lo and behold, I was over 3500 before I went out today! Oh are my month by month totals:
April: 477
May: 362
June: 530
July: 808
Aug: 390
Sept: 425
Oct: 445
Nov: 95
Total: 3532
Not monster numbers, but it is the most miles I've ever done for a year. I think my previous best was in the 3200 neighborhood. Next year's goal is 4000!

Always the best part of the ride, the finish!

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  1. Very cool Kenny! I wish I would have done a better job of keeping track. I have no idea how many miles I logged, but I will keep diligent track as of January 1st.