Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tis the season to....?

I just don't know what to think this time of the year. Christmas is here. I was in the Christmas spirit a couple weeks ago. Diane and I attended "A Christmas Carol" at the Guthrie. We go to it every few years, I always leave feeling in the Christmas spirit. The following week, on a Sunday, I had to work. Coming home, Diane told me our Christmas tree, which really looked beautiful this year had fallen into the window! Not tipped completely over she said, I figured the stand needed adjusting. I got home and looked at it, and the bottom of the tree had become water logged and twisted in the stand. We tried to get it right, but to no avail. Finally, with much cursing, I decided we had to completly un-decorate the tree and re-cut the stump. And we did. Both of us had all kinds of work planned to do that day (and watch the Vikings). We spent over 2 hours taking the tree down, cutting and trimming the branches out on the deck. We made a complete mess on our new carpeting, and my arms and hands were full of sap. (note: glycerin based mechanic's hand cleaners take the sap off!) Both of us were so frustrated. We got the tree back in the stand, but we both realized something was lost. It was like all of our planning for Christmas, instead of being joyful, became a pain in the ass. We didn't even re-decorate the tree till the following Friday. Neither of us had time. This Christmas Eve, for only the 2nd time in nearly 30 years, I will not be at my in-laws. I have to work at 2 AM on the 25th, so, WTF.

This time of the year is always tough on us fair weather folk. I enjoy spinning and even running the track, but, it doesn't allow the freedom of being outdoors on the bike. We amigos, with all the common love we have in summer head different directions in the winter to get the fix we need. I get into cooking. Bill, as much as we give him SF crap, loves the cold and being out in it. Bob becomes an uber XC skier. Matt, well, he's just short. I have to say, the best thing I've done this year is to go to Jody's total conditioning class. It got me out of the box, as they say. I have noticed an increase in stamina. My New Year's resolution is to attend the class all summer too.

The photo above is of Elvis's Beach Bar in Anguilla. The latest issue of Carribean Travel & Life featured Anguilla. There were pictures of several places and people we know, including Elvis's. This helped get me in better spirits!

So, my thoughts are now turning towards Anguilla. In two months we will take off for 2 weeks of no socks. Arriving on the island takes a little decompression. 5 hours on a plane to get to St Maarten. Luggage that always takes forever to get at the St Maarten airport. Going through customs in 2 countries in less then 2 hours. Taking the ferry or private boat across from St. Maarten, having that first Heineken once you land. You are so busy the first few hours. And once you get to the Pumphouse, greeting and hugging all the friends you haven't seen in a year. The adrenaline is unbelievable. The first night is dangerous, because adrenaline LOVES alcohol! The next day is Sunday, which is a big party day on the island. Lasy year we did something different, we went to Elvis's. We ran into Rollins, who is pictured above with Diane. We've known him from our first trip to Anguilla 11 years ago. He's a great guy. We just relaxed for a few hours with him before we went back to the beach by our place and joined the party.
We plan on doing it again this year. There is also a Sunday jazz thing at another bar just down the beach from Elvis.
The link below is to a Youtube video filmed mostly in Anguilla. A lot of the scenes are from Elvis's. Click on the "high quality" option below the video window and then click on full screen to see it at it's best.


  1. We'll really miss you this year Kenny, it definitely won't be the same without you!! Sleep well and keep your eye on that winter get away! You and Diane totally deserve it!! We'll be sending left overs your way!!

    Hugs, kisses and Merry Christmas!
    Katie, Mark, Zach and Luke

  2. Nice blog post. Maybe you might find some Hawaii rides (indoors) a little better motivator for riding inside. Check them out at http://www.cyclingfusion.com

  3. good news santa brought me a pair of lifts for my shoes! now I tip the scales at 5'7".
    Have a great holiday buddy, our paths will cross soon!

  4. Hey Kenny. The christmas tree debacle happen to me a few years ago. We ended up putting lights on the tree and called it done.

    Hope you had a Merry Christmas.