Monday, April 19, 2010

Two Sunday rides

FWK has been remiss in his writing about cycling due to recovering from hernia surgery. I've been getting out for about 3 weeks and taking it easy. The past two Sundays I've pushed it up a little bit, as it's time to get into longer distances. Last week, I rode with my amigo, Bill, and a new friend, Sophia. Sophia started cycling last year, as she wants to do triathlons. This was her first long ride of the season. We went 52 miles at an easy pace, everything was good!

Sophia and Bill near the end of the ride, on Territorial Rd. Bill looks like he has his teaching game face on!

On the photo above, I was trying to catch the riders with the capitol in the background, including the gold team of horses that were shining in the morning sun. I was doing all this while pedaling and going through a yellow light at an intersection. I got the shot off and as I looked at it for the second or two that you have afterwards, I saw that it was shot in sepia. I needed color! I adjusted the camera and clicked again. The screen said "low battery!" So much for that!

Yesterday, I decided to ratchet it up quite a bit and do a longer ride. The "Chile dog" ride is a spin off of the usual Sunday Stone Arch ride. The Chile Dog goes to St. Paul, but, doesn't include the big hills. We ride toward the capitol and around it, eventually entering the Gateway trail and head up to White Bear Lake. The Sunday rides are usually 70-80 miles. They aren't hammerfests, but, they definitely are uptempo rides. I figured it would be a good measure of how out of shape my legs are in.
I met Dave (Hemi) and CJ at the Coon Rapids Dam. We picked up Larry S and Melinda along W. River Road. Once we got to the Stone Arch bridge downtown, we were met by Charlie.
It was an absolutely gorgeous day! I enjoyed getting caught up with Dave, Larry, and Melinda. I had met CJ once before and knew he was a good mtb rider. I found out he had been riding his mtb with the group and had just got a road bike less then 2 weeks ago! He rode very strong. Charlie told me he spent a few years growing up in the MG area, and knew some mutual rider friends. He kicked my butt too!
I felt good for about 30 miles. At that point, I could feel the legs tiring. There are very few hills on this route, mostly bridges, but I lost ground on every one. The group was great in waiting for me when I got too far behind, and Dave came and got me another time. To be able to ride with a considerate group is what it's all about! I knew I was going to be humbled on this ride, but having such good people to ride with made it a great day! Thanks to everyone, especially the Hemi, for keeping me close. I was encouraged that I could keep pedaling, even though not very fast. My legs felt the same as they did after the Horrible Hillies ride. I had 70 miles on as I turned into the driveway. Still got a long way to go to catch up, but it sure was great to be able to get out and push it again.

This is the same photo as above, but I tried to bring color in it using Photoshop. All I could do was get the blue sky.

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  1. you are doing great kenny, you rode really strong today