Monday, June 28, 2010

New frame!

I finally got my new frame!
Bianchi stood behind their warranty. Too bad they had so many problems with the 928 series of carbon frames. This is my 3rd replacement frame in 6 years! I will miss my LUNA, it was a very unique frame, with the white carbon and irridiscent colors in bright sunlight. I always got compliments on it. However, I've very happy with this frame, the "Born for Performance" series of road frames. I took it for a 53 mi test ride on Sunday. It road beautifully! I will need to make a few tweaks on the saddle and I adjusted the handle bars while on the road. The biggest thing I have to get used to is that this bike has a double compact crank. The Talladega that I've been riding all along has a triple crank, which I've really learned to love as I've gotten older and slower. I ride that middle ring the majority of the time, a higher cadence seems to suit me better then bigger gears.

Also, I have give a big thanks to Pam Saylor! She noticed that the gray cages that suited the LUNA so well did not match the new frame. She offered to swap her black cages for my gray ones. Even after it was discovered that one of mine was broken. I love you Pam!!!

The LUNA in front, and the Talladega behind.

Amigo Bill a couple weeks ago.

And Matt, prior to being sunburned.


  1. Ahhh, you're so kind, Kenny. who wouldn't trade two gorgeous carbon cages for one broken one?
    bike shop math:
    xxx carbon cages = xxx beers

    Love ya Man!
    Pam S

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