Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Landmarks in Elm Creek

The new trails in Elm Creek are coming along quite nicely. There are some sections that are ridable, although, I'm not sure how much we should be in there. The fact that it's been extremely dry has been good for the trail. I've seen other tire tracks on the trail, but, no damage because of use. Bob and I spoke with the contractor today, he didn't have any problems with us being in there. Some of the stuff I rode last week that was fresh has been tamped down and is great for riding.  The 2-3 miles that are hard packed already have some distinct land marks. I took a camera in on Sunday and took a few shots.

What else can you call this, but the bucket in a tree?

Big ass tree.

There are several rocks on the trail, this is just one of them. None stand out, yet. I'm sure that eventually some rider will nail one with a tire or pedal!
The Narrows. A short stretch of trail with trees close together. Anyone flying through better be paying attention!
Elm Creek Roundabout. 3 trees angled outward with a big dead one in the middle. You have to go around the big tree to follow the trail. So far, it's my favorite landmark.

It will be fun to see and ride the trail as more work is complete. I've been waiting for this for 17 years!

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