Friday, November 23, 2007

First blog

My first blog. Kinda like going to the prom. All decked out, but not knowing if you're going to get anywhere. I'll try to keep it interesting for you. Don't be afraid to give me feedback. Lots of things I don't know how to do, so if you see something that could make the site better, let me know. Like trying to get my main page photo about 1/2 the size it is!


  1. Kenny, I'm glad to see you're writing a blog! You've always been a great storyteller. I may be able to help with that pesky large photo. I'll e-mail you....

    Johnny Hanken

  2. Ken you rock it takes a big man to wear that suit and pink too! you rock!

  3. Kenny, I think the pink may work right now but those plaids make my eyes squirrel to the back of my head!
    Love your blog and can't wait to see those new recipes you've been holding out.


  4. Kenny, I always thought you had the gay gene ( not that there is any thing wrong with that) Your lucky those farm boys didn't strap you to a log.

    Tom Hickey