Monday, November 26, 2007

Sunday in the park with Bob

The weather was fair enough (43') that riding the mtb with Bob was a good alternative to putting up the outdoor Christmas lights. There are lots of new single track trails in Elm Creek Park and I wanted to check them out with the master. I had never been to the "island", and I've been riding in Elm Creek for 15 years! Here's a shot of Bob crossing the bridge on the way out.

The island has a nice assortment of trails, similar to the Hillside park at Elk River, not as long, but, a nice variety. Bob also showed me some of the new stuff near the pond as you head to the ravine. I had looked for a trail down low about 6 weeks ago because I wanted a sunset photo. Now I know how to get there!

Whoever is doing all the work on the trails is doing a nice job. All a labor of love, I know. The log piles are plentiful and tricky. My comfort level with the log rolls decreases as they get bigger. I have found that after a few times of walking the bike over that you just have to do it! The photo at left is the biggest pile I've seen yet. It'll be a while before I go over that SOB!
This would be a good pile for Neil to go over on the Bianchi.
Bob had me huffing and puffing a few times trying to chase him up the hills. Spinning indoors is not the same as riding! I also have a nice bruise on my left thigh. Must be from when I damn near took a tree out with my face.

This is my usual view of Bob. Well, maybe not
that close, but when he waits for me to catch up....
It was a great day in the park!


  1. You are probably more of a hero to me than you know. I would like to say I am proud to be that half of arm, leg, & body standing next to you in your main picture. More importantly, I'm more than happy to be the one who provided you with that fine beverage in your hand.

    As always.. best regards, cheers, and bottoms up!