Sunday, August 10, 2008

Good friends, good food, and a late good night!

Last night, for the first time in over a year, we had a small dinner party at our house. Due to the remodeling, we haven't entertained like we have in the past. On Friday, Ron left a message about getting together, a couple hours later John left one too. Diane and I decided, carpet or no carpet, we're going to have some company Sat night. Unfortunately, both Diane and I had to work Saturday. It made the afternoon kind of a mad scramble to get the cooking set up and the house cleaned, but we got 'er done just before 7:00. Both couples are very dear friends of ours. John and I grew up together in Perham. Our parents were friends before either of us were born, so we go back as far as 2 people can. John and Jen met at med school. Ron and Sue used to live directly behind us. Both Ron and I love to cook and have had dozens of great meals together at each other's homes over the years.

I made BBQ dry rub ribs and sweet corn with the seasoned butter mentioned on my last blog.
Everyone else brought salads, dessert, and appetizers.

FWK enjoyed himself. Heineken, Fat Tire, Blue Paddle, and a margarita got things going pretty well. Then, Cycles Gladiator Syrah. To finish out the night, John and I cleaned out the Belgium beers I had been saving for a special occasion of some sort. They're gone now!

I had planned a 50 mi bike ride around 8 AM. I managed a 20 mi ride at noon!

Sue, Diane, and Jen
Ron, FWK, and John

Gone, but not forgotten!


  1. Orval!!!???? Who bought the Orval!!??? WOW!

  2. Look at all of those beers!! Oh man!! Those are the goods!!