Sunday, January 10, 2010

Victory 44 restaurant review

The child bride and I went to a new restaurant Saturday night, Victory 44, located at 44th and Penn in NordEast Minneapolis. This site has had numerous restaurants over the years. In fact, from one of the reviews I read, this is the 3rd restaurant in as many years. It is billed as a bar with a good burger and sandwiches. So, that is what I was expecting to have. We arrived about 7:00. It was maybe 1/2 full. The room is divided into a sit down dining side and a bar side with high top tables. We chose the bar side, as that is what we like, plus the kitchen is right there and I enjoy a chance to watch the food come out and to talk with the cooks. Very friendly place. The menu is on a big chalk board, maybe 12 items on it. The most expensive item was fish and chips at 12.95. The menu is changing a bit, according to our waitress. A few of the items on their website are not currently available. Other local reviews I read said the reuben was outstanding and that the burger was good. Also, that the ketchup was home made. My bride, who likes sauvigon blanc wine, was disappointed. The sample she had of a Spanish variety wasn't too good. So she ordered a glass of pinot grigio. This wasn't much to her liking, but she drank that glass and then ordered a glass of the sauvigon blanc! The beer selection was small, I think 13 or 14, 4 on tap. A couple of the bottles I had never heard of. I decided to go with the Surly Bender on tap. This is a stout beer. I don't mind stouts, but I generally can only drink 2 of them as they are quite heavy. Two was fine for the evening. As for the food, Diane ordered the Fried Mortadella Eggwich and I had the "Perfect Burger." Both came with fries. Now let me tell you, the best fries I've ever had are at the Bulldog
The Bulldog's fries are drizzled with a truffle/parmesan topping and they are delightful! The fries at Victory were excellent! Very crispy brown and had some sort of seasoning on them. I spoke with the chef/owner, Erick Harcey later on, and he told me they blanch the home cut fries first, then they fry they till they are crisp.
Add the home made ketchup, and you have some mighty fine fries, my friend! They are different from the Bulldog, but, just as good. The "eggwich" Diane had was very good. It appeared to be an English muffin sliced and then had home made mortadella salami grilled with an egg on top. It was very tasty. The burger was very good. I ordered it medium (that's so Minnesotan, I know), and it actually came a bit rare for my liking, but I ate it anyway. Next time I will order medium well. The burger comes with bacon, cheddar, pickles, and I swear I saw some radish slices on there too! All in all, we would go there again. The waitress told us it was her first night serving ever, and that her boyfriend was one of the chefs. We even saw them sneak a kiss! Pretty low key place and friendly. We enjoyed it for what it was. They do not serve hard liquor, and the wine selection needs to improve. Our bill, with the 2 sandwiches, 2 wines, and 2 beers was $45 before tip. A little spendy for what you get, but not bad.

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