Sunday, February 17, 2008

Frost Bike 2008

Frost Bike is the annual bike parts show put on
by Quality Bike Parts. It is not open to the public,
only bike shop owners and employees. People from
all over the country attend. It is a blast to see all
the new stuff and talk bikes. I went with Stu and
Adam from the shop.

Isn't this the greatest smile!!!
I hadn't seen Pam in a couple months. It warmed
my heart to see her again, and with hair!
I loved the hug I got!
Pam now works for Kinetic trainers and was at
the show push her wares.

There was a silent auction for the Fat Tire Bike
shown above, sponsered by New Belgium Brewing,
makers of Fat Tire Ale.

DA cranks.

FSA cranks.

Campy's new "ultra torque" carbon cranks.

ITM's new carbon handle bars. What I'm trying
to show, that is hard to see, is, the flat spot on
the bars that would be the normal spot for the
meat of your palm to rest if you're riding the
hoods. Very ergonomic and nice. Unfortunately,
they cost more then a cheap frame!

This is Bill's new ride. Since he has become the
extreme SF amigo, he needs an extreme bike.
This is the one, Bill!


  1. With a good sturdy kick-stand. An Amigo and his gal could...well...really have some fun on that baby. Maybe.
    Either way, it's a babe magnet. What does Matt think?

  2. One thing I forgot. The New Belgium Brewing fat tire...definitely a babe magnet. Made specifically for Sunday afternoon cruising.
    It would look great parked in my bike rack.