Thursday, February 7, 2008

Bob's new ride

I know Bob is loving his single speed, but he really needs to look at this beauty! This, my friends, is the Giant "Revive." 8 gears, padded seat AND backrest! Just what a guy needs for his ailing back, right Bob? Plus, it has adjustable handlebars (unheated) and to finish it off, one helluva nice rack, not too big, not too small. I'm told it's Madonna approved! This is a collector's edition, there aren't very many of them around. Giant doesn't have them on their website currently. This bike is meant for tearing up the bike paths for bad back amigos. I've also learned that this model is "heart friendly." No need to be concerned about over doing it and having those pesky afib attacks. Not sure if you could out pedal a 5th grader, though.


  1. Does this come with a bell and a cane holder?

  2. I do not need a cane holder! However, I would prefer an air horn over a bell. Some streamers would also be nice. Also the rack is perfect. My imagination is running wild, but I think one of those mini kegs of beer could be strapped on that baby, no problemo.