Friday, February 22, 2008

The Pumphouse, Anguilla

The Pumphouse is our favorite bar in Anguilla. Pretty much why we keep going back there year after year. Oh yeah, the beaches too! This is a shot from a few years ago on a band night.

Matt, Diane, myself , and Gaby. Gaby is German, married to Laurie. They own the Pumphouse.
The Pumphouse is known for their rum punch drinks. Jessica is giving me pointers on how to make one. I usually drink one of these when I've already drank too much beer and need "something else."
Diane and Laurie. She's such a sucker for guys with hair.

Just another night...
The bar is getting slammed. Laurie and Alex, his former manager are working their butts off. He is shaking a rum punch.A group of us from a couple years ago. The couple on the left have kids in college and haven't been there in a couple years. Another couple is getting divorced. The guy with the same hairdo as me is Mike. He's a retired detective from Maryland. We've been friends with him and his wife, who is hidden in this photo, for 10 years. He and I both like to do tequila shots.....

This is a guy I met last year. He said, "Say do you want a shot of Patron?"
Well, you can't say no to new friends!

See, it's a hair thing! Geez! What do you think, Madonna? Breeder?

This is Sarah. She is the current bar manager. She has our stools waiting for us!

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