Sunday, April 27, 2008

Ironman '08: Cold, Crack, & S'mores

The good thing about the MN Ironman ride today is that it was dry. Unlike two years ago when we did the ride in 38 degrees and pouring rain. But, like Neil said, we made a commintment. That commitment that Neil pointed out to us and hammered us with gave the Amigos a popular phrase, repeated whenever inclement weather affected our cycling escapades: "Fucking Neil."

As I said, today was dry. But, it was freaking cold; 27 degrees when we started. The first 10 miles were brutally cold on our hands and feet, maybe not as cold if you were riding with a -35 degree windchill, like our friend Bill did this winter (not once, but twice). His riding in such cold weather gave us another phrase: "Stupid Fuck." Bill was not with us today, as he had to be in church for the first time in years. Anywho, we finally got our fingers and toes warm. The sun came out, but it never got really warm. After the ride was completed, and yes, we did do the entire 100 miles, the temp had risen to 37 degrees. I'll have you know, this is below Fair Weather Kenny's standard for temperature. As Jorge wrote to me a while back, "It was colder then a penguin butt!

Riding with me today was Eric, Tom, Bob, and Joe. Joe completed his first century today, congratulations!

Eric smiling before we started. His smile didn't last long.

Man, what a view. Nothing like a cold plumber's ass too look at while riding.

We stopped in Lonsdale at the 65 mile mark. (I've got your Lonsdale right here!) That's a pretty patient pooch to ride in the back of a milk crate.

We got a very nice surprise from Matt. He is on his way back from China, and he called us while he was on layover in San Francisco.

Maple Grove Cycles had a fire pit with s'mores! The fire was very welcome as it helped fight off the chill. Pictured, standing is Bob and Eric. I'm sitting down next to Joe.

It was the usual century, sore shoulders, sore ass, sore knees, and cramping.

I would be remiss if I didn't mention Madonna. On Saturday, when the weather was absolutely terrible, with snow, rain, cold, and howling winds; she competed and finished 3rd in a road race. You're a star, Madonna!


  1. Sorry I had to miss it Amigo.

  2. I love the guy with the crack too funny, I hope its nobody we know.
    Im sorry I missed it I tried to be back in time but oh well. Bill that means we need to get our century pill down soon. lets wait until it gets warmer.

  3. It's so nice to know that the Amigos are so fucking affectionate towards one another. Cheers to an excellent riding season for you all!