Wednesday, April 9, 2008

It was 25 years ago today...

April 9th, 1983, Two Harbors, MN. We were just a couple of kids, 27 & 25. We owned a bakery in a town on the shores of Lake Superior. Dreams of success in life, family and love. I was the baker, she was the cake decorator.

We had actually been together for over 5 years already. The above photo was taken in Northern California, near Garberville, in 1979. We ran a little bakery there in a general store.

From one of our "gumbo parties."

Anguilla, the Pumphouse 2005.

Same island, same bar, different year.
Sandy Ground, Anguilla, 2008. What can I say? Diane is my best friend, my favorite person to go to a restaurant with, my favorite person to sit at a bar with, and my favorite person to hug!

Not all of our dreams have been met, but as John Lennon said: "Life is what happens while you're busy making other plans."

Our love is still strong. Now, if I could only get her to ride a bike just a little bit more often.........

Besides each other, what we both value so much is our friends. We love you all, we take joy in seeing you each and every time. We don't have children, but we love seeing yours and hearing how they are doing as they grow. Some of you have been with us from the beginning, others we've met along the way. Thanks to you all for being a part of our life!

All of our love, Kenny and Diane 4/8/2007


  1. Hey Congrats! Our friendship with Diane and Kenny is one that we cherish. Good times are ALWAYS had by all--We're looking forward to celebrating that 25 year milestone with you on Saturday. Are we still on? --Jennifer and John

  2. Congrats Kenny and Diane! You two are truly great role models for anyone who wants to have a meaningful loving relationship. Thanks for your advice and friendship. Looking forward to seeing you sometime, sooner than later I hope.

  3. Kenny and Diane,
    that is awesome!!! someday I hope to be there to 7 down!
    You guys are great friends!
    But I thought i was the one you liked to hug?

  4. Congratulations to the happy couple! We always knew you were meant for each other...knew it in the days before you were married and during those early years in Two Harbors! Kenny, do you still give Diane a rose every week? or was it every month? You set high standards for the rest of the spouses! :-)

    Love you both and miss you lots!!

    Gail and Paul T.

  5. Congrats and cheers to you both!

  6. congratulations kenny, and you are not a fair weather rider, i soo you acopuple of days ago, and it was colder than a penguin but

    happy aniversay