Monday, May 26, 2008

Back on the saddle OR naps are good!

Dr. Weems gave me the green light to ride "normally" on Friday. I couldn't wait to push it again!
I had done 3 rides earlier in the week, all in the 20 mi range and 16 avg speed. While I knew I wouldn't be setting any records on speed, I just wanted to get some miles in. I met Matt at MG cycle on Sat morning along with 2 other riders. Bill joined us at Holy Name church a little bit down the road. The East wind was a bear coming back, ended up with 50 miles. It felt great! I celebrated with a pizza and a hour and a half nap! Went out again this morning. Ran into another cyclist that looked familiar, turns out it was Jay Heumans (sp). We've ridden on group rides together but never got to know each other. We rode from the park where we met, out to Fletcher and headed South. Jay turned on 117, I kept going to 30. I wanted to do 40 mi and have to go through Hanover and St. Michael to accomplish that. It was good chatting with Jay. He rode to Little Falls on Sat morning to his in-laws, a distance of 95 miles. He said that East wind was great and he averaged 20 mph! Well, I was glad to have the West wind back today. The ride back from St Michael was good and I had another good nap afterwards. Looking forward to riding with the evening groups again.


  1. Hey Ken- We're glad to hear that you are back on that bike saddle again!--Jen Perszyk

  2. Welcome back. We missed you!