Thursday, May 29, 2008

Finally, out on the mountain bike.

With a little encouragement from Bob, I finally got out on the Superlight. Went into Elm Creek and rode for 10 miles. The park is wet where it's usually dry, really wet where it is sometimes wet, and I didn't even go to the very wet areas! I had made a couple upgrades this winter. I bought my first Chris King headset, used, from Adam. I also got a new Race Face deus XC crankset, and, last but not least, after 3 white Giro Pneumo helmets, a red/white one to match the bike. I'm happy to report that all the upgrades performed as expected!

I didn't push it too hard. I'm so out of shape I can't stand it. On Wed night, I had a great road ride. It was 78 degrees and perfect out. Today, it was 60 degrees and drizzling! My ride matched the conditions, I guess. Hopefully the park will get a chance to dry up sometime next month.


  1. stay on the mtb afton is near!!
    Like the upgrades!

  2. I can just imagine Bill's expression on his face when he sees that dirty bike. Looks like you had fun!

  3. Way to go Kenny! Had a not so bad ride today at Murphy. Didn't get in my two laps however. Stopped to help one of Matt's friends (Dan the Marine). Used both of my CO2 cartridges and I didn't want to do another lap without some assurance that if something did go amiss I could make it back. I may need to start carrying a pump for backup.

  4. I was supposed to tell you to race next weekend. Your call... I am just thrilled that you are back out this soon. Very cool!