Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Happy 10th Birthday to our little buddy!

Our little boy, Charlie, is 10 years old today! For those of you that don't know Charlie (those of you that do- know to protect yourself, soccer style, when you come over!), he is a Wheaten Terrior. The picture above is graduation day from "puppy school." He learned to sit, stay, and lay down. He'll do them on command for at least 2 seconds-unless there is a treat involved, then he'll stay put for a while longer. Those of you with sharp eyes will notice the Fat Tire hat I'm wearing, vintage 1998. Diane is going to kill me for using this picture.

Charlie's "crabby old man" look.

Taking a snooze on the bed.

Freshly barbered, ready for Christmas.

Yes, he does sleep like this on occasion.

This photo is from the Rin Tin Inn kennel in Elk River, where Charlie stays when we are out of town.

Charlie has a peculier habit. We call it "nukking." Whenever he needs to relax, or is stressed, he will grab one of his stuffed balls and gently bite, like a child's nuk.

The "Look."

Give me a treat!

When you don't have kids, it's amazing how much love you can give to a dog. The devotion they give back to you can't be measured. Charlie always greets us when we come home, tail a wagging. We miss the hell out of him when we are gone. The joy and companionship he has given us for the past 10 years has been fantastic. He knows our habits, our moods, when we're leaving, when we're having company, and, when I take my naps! He loves taking naps with dad.

Happy birthday buddy! I hope we have many more.


  1. Jeez Kenny! Thanks for making me cry.

  2. He sure is cute! Give him a scratch behind the ear for me!