Sunday, September 28, 2008

Happy 80th birthday to Anita!

How can you not love a woman (two women, actually) enjoying a beer at noon! Of course the woman on the left is my child bride. Her mother, Anita is on the right. Happy 80th Anita!

People have wondered over the years how I managed such a good catch in a woman. Well, the 3 men above are, in order: my brother in law Paul, father in law Pete, and brother in law Mark. Notice any hair on their heads???

One final note. When I ride to Mark and Katie's house, I take a shower. I came in today and Katie says to me, "Kenny, are you going to take a shower?" I replied yes, and she said she would get me a towel. A minute later, she hands me a towel and says "I have shampoo for you, too."

The "shampoo" was one of the blue bottles mentioned in my blog last week! Then, I happened to open a drawer in their bathroom, and there was another one of the blue bottles. I mentioned this to Katie. She just looked at me with a smile and said, "we're a very happy family!"

You're the best Katie!

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