Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Bulldog/St. Bernardus

This blog was intended to talk about food occasionally, so here we go...

The Bulldog is a bar/restaurant in NE Mpls on East Hennepin (just a block down from Surdyks).

They are known for 3 things:

The variety of Belgian beers they serve.

Their hamburgers, which are domestic Kobe beef.

Their truffle oil and parmesan dusted french fries.

On Saturday night, my child bride and I went there for the 3rd time to eat. The first time was very good and the 2nd time so-so. We were very pleased with the food and service this time. We ended up sitting at the bar the whole time, which was fine. Diane and I both like sitting at bars in restuarants. Anyway, the first time we went to the Bulldog, I told the bartender I wasn't all that familiar with Belgian beers but that I liked Newcastle Brown Ale. He suggested the St. Bernardus Abt 12. Well, the Abt 12 is one FINE beer! Heavy, malty, and 10.5% alcohol. Have 3 of these, and you know you've been drinking serious beer.

And yes, they serve it those funny little glasses. $6 for 10 oz ain't cheap, but it's damn fine beer, my friends! Their food is very reasonably priced. Our food portion of the bill was $20, the beer and wine came to $45. I've got links to the restaurant and the Sint Bernardus brewery below.


  1. It's nice to enjoy the finer things in life.

  2. Great Lemonade!!