Sunday, June 1, 2008


The picture above is from Saturday evening, about 7:00.

Got on the Luna at about 8:15 this morning. Rode through the park and out on Territorial (are they ever going to fix that road?). Kept heading West through Fletcher and turned onto the road that becomes Bechtold. I was the Lonely Loon. Matt was teaching spin, Bob must have had a soccer tourney North Dakota or some other far reaching area. Bill even resisted the temptations of the flesh and was out on his bike, but chose to head towards Baker.

Anyway, as I pedaled along I was overcome with how to describe the beauty of the morning. There was no wind, 70 degrees, minimal traffic, and the smell of lilacs everywhere. The only word I could come up with: Glorious!

I pretty much did the same route as last week, back up 116 to 30, West to Oakdale, then on to Hanover and St. Michael before coming back in. A nice 45 mile ride. I'm still not hammering it like I'd like, but being on the bike is wonderful. I start my new hours Monday, get up at 2 AM, be at work by 3. I should be home around 12:45 PM. Lots of riding time!

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  1. Really a great day Kenny. Sorry we couldn't hook up. I almost headed north on 19 when I got there. Decided on Lake Indy instead. I didn't even bother to do a narrative for my post, just pics.

    Great post storm photo!