Sunday, June 22, 2008

Riding Murphy with Mr. Soul (Patch)

Well, in our never ending battle as Amigos to give each other all the shit we can manage or create, I give you Mr. Soul (Patch)! Bill turned 50 and he decided to have a makeover. First, he puts in an earring. Now, he comes in with a soul patch! We love Bill!

Anyway, my first ride at Murphy-Henrahan in 5 years or so. MORC has completely re-done the course and I have to say, it's a great course for FWK. Not very technical and it rolls with very few, if any, climbs. Those of you that remember the old Murphy know it was a freaking roller coaster that got the adrenaline going. It is a great confidence building course if you haven't been on a mountain bike in a while. I rode 24 miles on Sat. I did crash because I took my eyes off the trail. Something was stinging my leg. I should know better then to quit looking at the trail. I crashed on top of my handlebars. I'm pretty sure I broke something in my sternum. There is something moving there that shouldn't be. Not sure what Bob is expounding on in the photo above, but he had a nice crash too. His left shoulder took the brunt of the impact.

And then of course, there is Flash. We had a good time riding together and catching up on our lives. Nothing like showing up in the TT! Bob, Bill, and Flash all rode single speeds. That ain't happening with FWK. God invented gears and full suspension for a reason: ME.


  1. Shit Kenny! You better make sure you're not bleeding internally. Shoulders OK, but my deltoid muscles on my left side are sure sore. I smashed something pretty good.

  2. In addition...I didn't even know I had deltoid muscles.

  3. I had a ball! I love that place I could have kept going!
    Yeah Kenny internal parts should be stationary.