Sunday, June 29, 2008

Trail Head sponsors Team Strong Heart party

Everybody got a piece of cake! Pam and Larry hosted a little soiree on Sat night for the team. It was fun to see everybody and talk with the riders and crew. Melinda told me the crew is the key, riding is easy! I spoke with Ryan, one of the crew members. He said driving 20 mph across the country isn't as bad as it sounds, once you get used to it. Melinda also told me that she only had one request for the crew-keep your headlights on me when going down the mountains, at night, at 50 mph! They did!

Riders and crew, Team Strong Heart, 2008.

Neil, have some cake with your frosting! I learned something new about Neil, he will eat a plate of frosting. No kidding.

I even won a prize, a weekend at Rainbow Resort! That is cool.

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