Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Riding with the big boys and girls

It finally worked out for me to go on a club ride Tuesday night. I have Wednesday off so I could afford the time. I left the house a little before 5, did the usual Fletcher run around Tucker road and waited at the church for the party to begin. Except nobody showed! I figured they must have done a different route, so after 15 minutes of pedaling in circles I went off. The route I took would have run into the group if they were running late...and they were! I saw them at the intersection of 19 and 117 and caught up with the group. They were doing the "Neilerator".

Had a nice talk with Madonna and Jorge. Jorge was riding his Litespeed, or as he called it "my shitty bike!" (He usually rides a LOOK) I road hard with them for 12 miles. They went off on the 144 route, I went straight on by myself back for a total of 54 miles. I was tired and my knees were sore, but it was fun. I only got one photo in due to the pace. The camera was set in sepia mode, which I didn't realize. But, I think it turned out nice.

Larry and the Hemi in St. Michael.