Friday, January 18, 2008


Today will be a miscellaneous portion:

I went to the club today to try out my new Asics Kayano running shoes. As I walked into the locker room, the first thing I see is a naked man sitting in a wheelchair drying himself off. Did I mention he had no legs? Trust me, the Catholic guilt kicked in immediately. Sometimes we need reminders how lucky we are. The new shoes worked out fine, by the way.

Just got my results from my physical the other day. I'm pretty happy with them:
Cholesterol: 170 (<200), HDL : 92 (35-80), LDL: 70 (<130), Triglycerides: 39 (35-160)

I'd like to think it's from good living, but it's probably genetics! (or beer)

It was good to see all the amigos at Claddagh's on Wed night. Not used to seeing Matt drink
Coke, hopefully he's eating solid food again.

Alos, check out Madonna's blog. I hadn't read it till today. She is making us all look like wienies the way she works out so often!


  1. No kidding, what is with her!?


  2. That's why we call her Madd Dog.

    So Kenny I just missed you. One good thing about the guy in the wheelchair...he's not the one who took your shoes.
    We are so lucky! I sat with him in the steam room and wanted to strike up a conversation but didn't even know where to start. I'm such an ass.
    He's there every Saturday.

  3. Wait a minute...I'm off by a day.
    He was there yesterday too? This whole heart issue is getting to me. Must be lack of blood flow to the brain. I shouldn't say shit like that, but I have to keep my sense of humor.