Sunday, July 13, 2008

3 county Saturday morning ride

Went over to Bob's house at 6:00 AM on Saturday morning. Bob was suffering from LLAA:
Lack of sleep, Lack of food, and Abundance of Alcohol! Of course, that doesn't keep Bob down.
We started out South, Hwy 6 to Watertown. What a great road, wide shoulders, and saw or passed several bikers. From Watertown we took MN Hwy 25 to Montrose. This road is the highway to hell! No shoulder, and very busy. DO NOT RIDE THIS STRETCH!! Very unsafe.
From Montrose to Buffalo, MN 25 is fine. From there we went to Rockford, Hanover, and wound our way back. Ended up with 81 miles, avg 18 mph. Our goal was to be back at Bob's by 11:00, we pedaled in at 11:11. No HH points! From what I hear, Kim was hung over pretty well anyhow.
We visited Hennepin, Carver, and Wright counties. Afterwards, I pigged out on Sarpino's pizza and took a very nice nap......

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