Thursday, July 31, 2008

3 Squares @ 3 Squares

Normally we'd all be riding, but due to other circumstances, 3 of us got together at 3 Squares restaurant and had a few Fat Tire Ales. I'm resting my legs, but not my liver for the Firehouse 50 this Sat. Bill is, well, still on vacation and has his own schedule. Madonna looked fabulous in her black top, black pants, and black high heels! Ruff!!! Thank God no non cyclists joined us or they would have been bored to tears. Let's see, we talked about saddles, frames, fittings, handlebars, riding positions, tires, butt butter, clothing fit, saddles (again), racing, mtb, TdF, local riders, Leadville, Breckenridge, Lance, Ricco, Floyd, and other stuff. All cycling related. I'm sure you all understand.

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  1. I truly look like a criminal of sorts.

    La Cosa Nostra