Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Stillwater to Afton to Prescott to River Falls to Hudson back to Stillwater OR the WI Nealerator

Last year, Bob and I rode a very hilly ride with Neil, Dave H, and Mike B. Starting in Stillwater, on to Afton for the hills and then into WI for miles. In preperation for this Saturday's Firehouse 50, Bob, Matt, and I did the same ride this past Sunday.

Bob was the navigator, frequently checking a much folded over yellow legal sheet for directions.
When we got to Neal Ave, we gave it the one finger salute in honor of Neil. The ride thus became the WI Nealerator!

This is in Hudson, at about 60 miles.

Bob with his mouth full.

The Holiday where we stopped in WI. The company I work for makes the donuts that were in the display case. I had a power bar instead. They didn't even charge me for ice!

71 miles, lots of hills. All in all, a great ride. The road construction we ran into last year was completed, so no psycho-cross! Of course, the only way to end a ride is with a cold one! In this case, they were Kokanes from British Columbia.

We're ready for the Firehouse 50!

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