Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Preparation H

When I turned 50, it seemed like lots of things happened physically to me. Things that said to me that you are aging and you can't change that from happening. Tinnitus, back pain that I never had before, stiffness in the morning (not the kind you want, anyway), and recently, the bout with the blood clot. However, FWK is a pretty resilient guy. I accept the aging process and will not give in to it. Today, I did something that kind of took me down a peg or two. I bought my first tube of Preparation H. Yup, the stuff you used to see in the medicine cabinet at your home growing up. The yellow and white tube that was in the bathroom drawer or cabinet and nobody talked about. It was just there, next to the visine and alongside a couple of bobby pins. Not having ever bought if before, I went to Target. I kind of circled the pharmacy aisles, not quite knowing what aisle it would be in. I looked at the signs on the end of the rows. None of them said "sore, itchy assholes." Eventually I found it. There really is no competition for Preparation H. There is only Preparation H, and Target brand creams for the same affliction. I decided to go for the original, and best. The yellow and white tube that I remember from my youth. BUT, or maybe I should say BUTT; they have original and Extra Strength! Well now, FWK thought that maybe the extra strength should be the way to go (with 1% cortisone)! I mean, after all, I want to get rid of this shit! (I know, poor choice of words) Plus, the extra strength came with 4 free portable wipes (4 times larger then medicated pads, I'll have you know). Now, these pads have something called "witch hazel" in them. The only Hazel I knew was the one in the TV show from the 60's. If you want to read about witch hazel, click on the link below. I couldn't just buy a tube of the stuff and bring it to the counter, I mean, I didn't want to announce to the world that I needed it. So, I bought a few groceries to mix in the basket. I just smiled at the 17 year old girl as she rang it all up.

Anyways, in closing, there won't be any photographs accompanying this post.

You're welcome.

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  1. Shit Kenny! (poor wording) I was really looking forward to a photo. Thanks for sharing your story with the rest of the world. Welcome to the PH club. I love the part about getting a few groceries to throw into the mix. Like they are not going to know. Just like a young man buying his first pack of condoms. I know, that's what I did.

    Hope that witch hazel and PH did the trick on your AH.